PS Series

The PS Series Planetary Gearbox features many advantages such as low noise, high output torque and low backlash. It is able to smoothly transfer power from motor to applications and is widely applied to various industries.




High Stability

  • Employs high tensile strength alloy steel. The gear is made using a vacuum carburizing process to enable both core and surface hardness, which extends gear service life and maintains high precision after long periods of operation.


High Precision

  • Backlash for concentric 1-stage gearbox is under 3 arcmin.
  • Backlash for right angle 1-stage gearbox is under 4 arcmin.

High Input Speed

  • Input speed allows for 5,000 RPM.

High Torque

  • Higher output torque is in comparison with spur gearbox.

High Efficiency

  • Efficiency for 1-stage model exceeds 97%.
  • 2-stage model exceeds 94%.

Low Noise

  • Under 65dB.

Lifetime Lubrication

  • The protective class IP65 seals design avoids leakage problems and requires no maintenance during the product's lifetime.