PA Series

The PA Series Planetary Gearbox features many advantages such as low noise, high output torque and high efficiency. It is able to smoothly transfer power from motor to applications and is widely applied to various industries.




High Rigidity, High Torque

  • Employs uncaged needle roller bearings with a set design including ring teeth, gearbox and helical gears for high rigidity and output torque

High Precision

  • Backlash for 1-stage gearbox is under 8 arcmin.
  • Backlash for 2-stage gearbox is under 12 arcmin.

High Efficiency

  • Efficiency for 1-stage model exceeds 95%
  • Efficiency for 2-stage model exceeds 92%

Low Noise

  • Uses helical gears capable of meshing to ensure smooth and quiet operation

Lifetime Lubrication

  • The protective class IP65 seal design avoids leakage problems and requires no lubrication during the product's lifetime.