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Inverters AC Motor Drives

With modern power electronics and advanced microprocessor technology, Delta's AC Motor Drives are able to efficiently control motor speed, improve machine automation and save energy. Taking advantage of our strong position in power electronics technology, Delta's VFD Series of AC motor Drives has evolved rapidly. Each Drive series is designed to meet specific application needs. Our AC Drives accurately control speed and torque, smoothly handle an increased load, and provide numerous custom control and configuration operating modes. Our AC Motor Drive product line provides a full range of motor control technologies and is used throughout a wide range of industries, to enhance and improve machine automation.






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CFP2000 series

CFP2000 series is an AC motor drive specially designed for HVAC, fans & pumps, and water treatment applications

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 740 MS300

MS300 Series

Standard compact vector control drive that inherits Delta’s superior drive technology

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 741 CH2000


High performance with robust design. The CH2000 is equipped with a larger starting torque and high overload capability

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element 742 C200

C200 Series

Intelligent vector control micro drive that provides versatile control modes for motors

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element C2000

C2000 Series

High-level field oriented control AC motor drive with a high-performance variable-frequency technology, FOC control

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element CP2000

CP2000 Series

The CP2000 is specifically designed for applications such as air blowers, pumps and HVAC drives with its intelligent PID control providing the greatest efficiency

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VFD-VJ Series

The Delta Hybrid Servo Drive VFD-VJ Series is designed with AC servo technology to drive hydraulic systems with perfect control of the drive, motor and hydraulic unit.

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VFD-E Series

Sensorless Vector AC Micro Drive. The VFD-E series represent Delta Electronics low horsepower, constant torque, IP20 rated Drive.

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VFD-EL Series

The VFD-EL series is multiple function new generation micro type AC drive

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element REG2000

REG2000 Series

The Power Regenerative Unit REG2000 replaces traditional brake resistors and features power regeneration

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element HES Series

HES Series

Precise pressure and flow controls for each injection molding process. Solves the energy waste issues of a traditional injection molding machine.

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element IED Series

IED Series

Integrated Elevator Drive

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element VFD-VL

VFD-VL Series

AC motor drive designed for elevators 

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element VFD-ED

VFD-ED Series

VFD-ED Series Not only keep safety as first priority but also enhances operation efficiency and riding comfort.

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element VFD-DD

VFD-DD: Door Control Drive

This drive offers four door control modes for door opening and closing

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element AFE2000

AFE2000: Active Front End

Active Front End (AFE) is a controllable rectifier with advantages such as providing bidirectional power exchange between AC and DC power and regenerating reusable power to the mains to reduce the cost of power.

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element VFD-VE

VFD-VE Series

This series adopts FOC (Field Oriented Control) which is a far more precise vector control algorithm. It can be used in both speed control and position control similar to a servo motor drive

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element VFD-B

VFD-B Series

Sensorless Open and Closed Loop Vector AC Drive

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element VFD-M

VFD-M Series

Sensorless Vector Micro AC Drive. The compact design is ideal for small and medium horsepower applications

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element VFD-S

VFD-S Series

General Purpose AC Micro Drive

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element VFD-L

VFD-L Series

Sub-fractional low cost AC Drive. Specifically designed for low horsepower applications with built-in EMI filter to efficiently reduce electromagnetic interference and to conform to the CE EMI directive.

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BB-4C-ColumnBoxes - element VFD-V

VFD-V Series

Flux Vector/Torque Control AC Drive. Offering V/F, Open Loop, Closed Loop and high speed control options

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